Blowing glass lighting.
Since 1968.

Over fifty years

Our company has worked with meticulous accuracy and craftsmanship in the blowglass sector, producing sophisticated gifts and prestigious furnishings.Over the years we have specialized our production by introducing a wide range of lighting articles, which have been influenced by the great ancient Venetian art and by the application of the most modern aesthetic production techniques. Detailed care, combined with the high quality materials, is our main goal and so ensure our esteemed customer receive a unique product.


Design, choice of details, decorations and the range of colors are entrusted to our skilled experts that study, with great passion, the most interesting ideas for decorating our products. All items are completely handmade and this allows the product to be absolutely original. For this reason the sizes of our objects may vary by a few millimeters from those listed in the catalogue, but we believe that this gives our products a further value and guarantees its authenticity.

Warranty certificate

All our products are provided of a warranty certificate that authenticates the originality, the Italian manufacturing and quality of the product. We guarantee that our products are the result of the purest handmade production, and for this reason any imperfections in the crystal or colour (or changes of tonality) are not defective. Each has particular features that guarantee their authenticity and offer our esteemed costumers a opportunity to own a unique product to treasure.

The art of glass blowing.
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