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With AUF I tried to coexist these two souls, on one side the rationality of a metal cylinder containing an Illuminant source that repeats in every product, on the other side the glass element that varies in 4 different shapes and in different finishes and colours. I then have made so that, metal and glass were joined through a simple rubber O-ring that makes the assembly and disassembly of the lamp very simple and avoids the direct contact between the two materials”.

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When I started working with Cangini e Tucci I realized immediately that it is a company with two souls. On one side there’s the glass, pure, transparent and fragile, almost ethereal, and is the creative part of the company. On the other side the are the machines: lathes, the torches and furnaces, the metal, which is the rational soul and technique. Then there is the fire, which is light and it is the element that animates the glass, which gives it shape. The first time I walked into the factory I was stuck for hours watching the transformation processes, a real spectacle.

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treasparente, ambra, tabacco, oro rosa