Applique, suspension and ceiling lamp.
Design by: Mandalaki Studio

Fiji, is a suspension lamp designed by the Mandalaki studio for Cangini & Tucci that combines the craftsmanship of glass and the technique of numerically controlled aluminum in a single harmony.
The concept behind the project is to give volume to the intangibility of light.
A frosted glass bubble is inserted inside a semi-ellipse of transparent glass.
This union creates a perception of depth and at the same time refracts the light towards the surface to be illuminated. This solution allows to have an extremely functional lamp from the lighting engineering and metaphysical point of view from the perceptive point of view. A bubble of light floats in the void protected by a transparent ellipse.
The key element to obtain the desired effect is a new type of aluminum heatsink specially designed by the Mandalaki studio and the CNC-machined Cangini and Tucci technical studio which incorporates all the main mechanical and electronic functions: high power, dissipation system, wiring system and fixing system of the glass part; the result obtained is an extremely compact, functional component without any visible superfluous element.
The Fiji family is available in 3 different sizes and 3 different types of application: suspension, ceiling lamp, wall lamp.
It is possible to order the Fiji system in three different finishes: Clear, Matt Black, Rose Gold, Steel and Honey.

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