Inti was the inca divinity of the sun, one day he ordered his sons to build the capital of the kingdom. They would have to wander the earth with a divine stick of gold and would have to stick it in the place predestined for the creation of the city. Thus Cuzco was born and the inca civilization developed. I started from this myth as inspiration for the new product family for Cangini & Tucci. The choice of materials was fundamental for the development of the line. I chose brass as the structural element for the whole family, developing it in three finishing variants: brushed, burnished and coppered. The glass has been treated with a gradient finish that goes from opaque white to transparent to avoid dazzling when you look directly at the lamp.

This process, as well as the development af all Cangini & Tucci glasses, is made entirely by hand and makes each product different from the others.

It tell a story of craftsmanship, attention to detail and direct relationship between master blower and glass imperfections of finish are to be considered fundamental sign of this story because according to us made in Italiay means above all uniqueness and handmade. The third material is cement, used to make the canopies, the tracks and the bases of the floor lamp, the elements that directly touch the structure of our environments. The craftsmanship of the process of making concrete elements means that each piece is unique.
Different from all others as a surface finish and embellished with typical details of cement mortars, such as grain and microporosity. Into is a mix of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation, the entire family has been designed and built in Italy, combining artisan knowledge with cutting-edge processing methods, such as 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

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