The term FOLD means to fold, and in this case it can be translated into its simplest form, that is, the action that is applied to an object in such a way that it takes on a different shape from the initial one, becoming something new.
The contrasts between before and after, simple and complex, far and near, are all part of the research that led to the birth of FOLD. The shape of the lamp, externally, reveals a silhouette where the top and bottom are far away.
In this area, light plays in space and allows us to go further with our gaze to the center. Here the profile undergoes a variation, above and below they lose meaning creating a whole with the glow, an illusion, which, for a moment, does not allow us to understand where the light comes from. The central flexion of FOLD allows the lighting body to be integrated into the glass, adding a technical function to the aesthetic value. This is all that comes from a simple and complex gesture at the same time, a fold, FOLD.

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