Designed by Cangini and Tucci for a unique and personal light experience


Making the light come to life thanks to a dimming and tunable white system controllable by an app that can be used on any smart device.
Thanks to this app, it will be possible to manage not only the luminous intensity of the light but also the colour, so that one is always able to create the desired atmosphere. It will no longer be just about illuminating an environment.


Own the light is mechanical technology as well.
Thanks to an “UP & DOWN” system both in a room or on a table it will be possible to adjust the distance with a simple movement by raising and lowering the lamp. The sophisticated internal rewinding system will take care of the rest. This will allow the lamp to always remain stable.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Communication between smart devices and the lighting control system will take place thanks to BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy)

No gateways
BLE technology is automatically installed on smartphones, tablets and smart watches. This means that communication between smart devices and the lighting control solution will not require any kind of gateway or protection key.


The lighting control solution will offer the user a wide range of possibilities of interaction with the system, based on individual needs. 

The application for smartphones, tablets and smart watches will be the most complex user interface of the system. 

It will be possible to download the application, completed with the functions indicated for the project, both for iOS and Android devices from the respective virtual stores. 

The application will be developed by professionals specializing in user interfaces so that anyone, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, can use it. The application interface will show the user only the functions relevant to their installation.

With the app Casambi you can
- dim the lamps via the bluetooth device such as iOS and Android Apps
- adjust the temperature of the light in a dynamic way from 2400 to 6500K
- create groups of lamps for synchronization (max 127)
- turn on/turn off remotely and the lamps, taking advantage of the gateway of the environment;

- creating scenes: temporary switching; for power on/off groups of lamps;

- take a picture of the lamp and see it in the app to simplify product selection.


The Cangini & Tucci product line with OWNTHELIGHT tecnology